About Us

Hi, I'm so excited you are here! My name is  Lauren Henley and I am the owner of Lenley's Boutique! We are an exclusively online boutique based out of Lexington, Kentucky! I was born and raised in Lexington and I attended the University of Kentucky and graduated in 2019. After graduation I felt like something was missing in my life. I always had a dream of owning my own store. I remember telling my parents about it in high school. We would all sit in the living room and brainstorm ideas for names! I wanted it to be unique and also incorporate my name somehow. My parents finally came up with the name Lenley's Boutique! 

Sadly, in 2018 my amazing dad passed away unexpectedly. This was the first huge loss of my life. I never imagined the year I turned 22 would be the last year I had with my dad...but life never goes the way you expect it to. This loss hurt deep, and still hurts everyday. He was like no other person I have ever met before. The world lost such a beautiful soul on that horrific day. I'm trying to sit here and write about him but I can't seem to find words to describe how amazing he was. He owned and operated his own welding business for 30 years. He was a well-known and respected business man around Lexington. He was strong, intelligent, kind and ever so charismatic. I always loved bringing my friends over because he was just so funny! He could crack a joke like no other.  After watching him all my life I feel that it has prepared me for this next step. Ever since he passed away I knew that I had to make Lenley's Boutique come alive. Even though he is not here with me I can still feel him guiding me each day. 

I am so glad you are here and I hope you love all the pieces I have handpicked! I want to provide unique, affordable pieces for the every day woman. We will carry sizes S-3X to represent a wide variety of women! ALL SIZES ARE BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to go on this new adventure and I hope you come along for the ride! By supporting my small business, you are supporting my dream :)

XOXO- Lauren Henley